By big kids, for little ones

We design culturally inspired stuff for kids. Informed by Māori knowledge. Super-powered by today's technologies. Fun. Durable. Designed and made in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Hauhake: Our first products

One day while picking up his son from kohanga reo Dr Johnson Witehira noticed something. The tools the kids were using in the sandpit were all European in origin; trowels, small forks and spades. Knowing that Māori once had our own gardening tools, Witehira wondered, can we make new tools for our kids? One's that are from here. Aotearoa.

This is where the seeds of Paku, and our first Paku products came from. These are the Paku Toki and Paku Timo, a reimagining of some of the traditional agricultural tools used in Aotearoa.

Our Story

We started PAKU for one simple reason. We wanted our kids to grow-up with things from Aotearoa. Toys, games, tools, you name it.

What's in our special sauce? We combine mātauranga Māori and expert knowledge of Māori design with contemporary production methods.

Paku Promise

We have commitment to designing products that use the most sustainable and durable materials possible. For the Paku Timo and Toki we have chosen a locally sourced post-industrial waste stream nylon.

Extensive testing has given us confidence that no matter how rugged your tamariki are, these items that are going to last.